Random 8

A film by Kathryn Millard
Short Synopsis

Eight people
One direction
Follow the company line—
Their story is our story.

A drama/documentary hybrid — RANDOM 8

‘Tense, gripping and completely surprising—a real psychology mystery.’

“Kathryn Millard, in her film ‘Random 8’ does an excellent job of recreating the interactions that actually occurred in ‘Encounters with Unjust Authority.’ Watching the film brought back a flood of memories of the groups that resisted the machinations of the unjust authority that we created for that experiment.” —William Gamson, Professor of Sociology, Boston College

‘An important film…intelligent and humane.’ —Paul Cox, Filmmaker

A Bit Longer Synopsis

8 people agree to participate in a focus group. Their mobile phones are confiscated. They’re given instructions. Every move is recorded. Something’s not quite right. Nothing you can quite put a finger on.

Someone’s watching. Why?

Inspired by social psychology experiments on conformity and obedience, RANDOM 8 deftly mixes a fictional story with historical evidence.

I integrated fiction and non-fiction because this seemed the best way to link a contemporary story about everyday experience with some of the big questions of the post WW2 era. In groups, we do what we’re told to do—or so the story goes. But do we?

Do groups inhibit us? Or give us courage? And how does change ripple out from the seemingly smallest actions?